A Response to Some Pro-Choice Facebook Posts

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Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of pro-choice/pro-birth control things posted on Facebook.  I’ve been just getting quietly offended, but I feel called to respond, so here we go.

The first post I remember seeing that got me thinking was someone’s status complaining about how expensive birth control is.  My first thought was to comment “abstinence is free.” I didn’t because it didn’t seem prudent at the time.  I didn’t think such a comment would get through to my friend, or generally be well received. Plus, I just plain chickened out.  I believe much of the problem with the whole abortion debate is that it doesn’t touch the root of the problem. Abortion is a terrible thing, but I believe the true problem lies in how our culture views sex.  I’m not saying this as a condemnation to any person, and I certainly am not immune to the temptations, but we have separated sex and procreation thus cheapening sex as a whole.

God created sex as a way for a man and a woman to fully give themselves to one another, that they may become one flesh.  The natural result of the sex act is children. Sex was not intended to be casual. It wasn’t intended to be used just for the pleasure. Sex was designed for so much more. It’s not right to end a human life to free oneself from the consequences of having sex with someone you aren’t ready to raise a child with.

What about in the case of rape? Surely no one can oppose abortion if the mother was raped.  This is a sensitive topic, but one that tends to be brought up without fail in the great abortion debate.  I firmly believe that rape is wrong.  No question about that.  It’s terrible, it shouldn’t happen, and victims of these crimes deserve our full support. I can’t emphasize enough however that rape does not justify murder.  Ending an innocent life just perpetuates more injustice.

A friend recently posted this article on Facebook: https://www.salon.com/2017/10/22/the-twitter-thought-experiment-that-exposes-pro-life-hypocrisy/

It presents the following hypothetical: If you have the choice to save one five year old, or 1,000 embryos, which would you choose to save? The article implies that everyone chooses the five year old.  The idea of the situation makes me sick.  I would have to choose the 1,000 lives over the one, provided there was no way to save them all.  I’d also gladly lay down my own life that both the 5 year old and the 1000 tiny baby children could survive.


This is a link to another post I’ve seen on Facebook. It seems to me like the conclusion it draws is that not having access to birth control ruins the lives of women. I’d say that going ahead and having the sex is what “ruined” their life. Sex is something that ought to be reserved for marriage. Not because sex is bad or wrong, but because it’s too good to get wrong.  I know this isn’t a popular opinion.  I know this isn’t an easy commitment.  The right thing usually isn’t easy or popular, but that doesn’t make it less right.  We need to stop filling our desire for authentic self-giving love with cheap substitutes, and instead turn to the source of love itself- God.  It’s only in Him that we will be complete.

Anyway, these are my thoughts on the matter.  Thank you for taking the time to read, and until next week, God bless.


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